Access to Productive Capital

Helping clients raise productive capital to finance various activities and grow their businesses faster.

Cash Flow Finance

Failure to optimize the application of short term cash flows is one of the major obstaclesto SME success and often leads to failure of profitable businesses. Helping our clients overcome short term liquidity and cash flow challenges is the primary offering by BridgeCap to enableour clients unlock the optimal value of their business operations. 

We achieve this through providing short term financing solutions suited to the specific needs of your business.

Growth Capital Finance

As we grow our relationship and build your capacity, we will transition you into our GrowthCap category where your business will have access to productive long term growth capital for your business expansion.

Helping you access this capital and negotiating favourable and sustainable business growth opportunities is a great milestone we want to pursue with you to the end.

Optimal Resource Allocation

Offering financial advisory services that help clients to manage finances and optimally allocate resources to various uses that enhance value.

For our clients to become more competitive and attractive to stakeholders (including customers, suppliers and investors), they need to optimize their operations and have efficient processes that meet global standards. BridgeCap prides of experienced and resourceful talent base with the right expertise to package our clients and position them strategically for sustainable growth.

We will achieve this together by providing strategic advisory support on capacity building for your business through implementing sound financial management principles, good governance practices and effective process controls benchmarked on best practice.

Assured Peace of Mind

Helping clients achieve sustainable growth with uninterrupted business continuity through comprehensive insurance covers that guarantee financial protection.

We are an intermediary that is easily accessible to you offering you an all-round advisory in all aspects of your insurance needs so you can focus on your core activities with peace of mind. We have excellent working relationships with partner insurance companies and we are always at your service providing you with reliable and timely support up to the point of claim. Over the period, we have provided a trusted and impactful liaison between our clients and insurance companies with very exceptional value-add and claims settlement.

… and that’s not all, leveraging on our financial advisory expertise has proven to be extremely useful in helping our clients insure with underwriters who have a strong financial position, impeccable claims capabilities and good governance/compliance practices.

As our esteemed client, we offer value by:
Providing you with a one-stop shop for your insurance solutions
Reviewing and negotiating best insurance products and rates suitable for your needs
Following up for speedy facilitation, processing of policy cover and settlement of claims by the insurer
Providing you with quick, accurate and reliable feedback on your enquiries and queries so you can focus on your core activities without worries